Asking more information to prospective members

Hi all; 

Murray asked on membership-committee list if we should ask to
prospective members these questions, which are optional to answer:
gender, to track lack of female involvement;
nationality, to track lack of Asian involvement;

And one more can be:
public key, we can encrypt ballots in future.

Lastly we recently started asking 'type not-spam in text box ' question
to get rid of spam. 

Encrypting ballots and managing public keys will need more technical
changes in the system, but I just wanted to include this to so as to
start a prior discussion. 

For other questions, I don't see any problem with asking them. Gender
part might be useful for communication as well, as it's not easy to
separate male and female with international names. 

And for nationality we can limit it just for regions instead of all
nations as this thing gets too political when you include one or forget
to include another. 

And finally, what do you think about it?

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