Re: GNOME Event Box for North America

Lucas Rocha escribió:

I think the situation is different in Europe than in Latin-America.
I do not think that is feasible to do it at least in South America
(I would like to be wrong, anyway).

I strongly agree. :-)

In South America the distances are very different than in Europe
and our custom offices are not as friendly with us as I supossed
they are between europeans (because of the CE).

Yes, this is true. Although I like the idea of having a Latin America
Event Box, I don't think it's feasible. IMHO, we should look for two
simpler/cheaper event boxes for each country (Chile and Brazil). We'd
need to define what "simpler" means here. We from Brazil are very
interested in having a marketing kit for several (small|medium|large)
brazilian free software conferences. :-) At FISL (for example), we
didn't have any marketing material in our GNOME mini-booth. :-/

For "simple" it means with out hardware, or maybe just a cheaper laptop, most important are Shirts, Posters, LiveCDs, GNOME T-shirts, GNOME bags, GNOME stickers/badges, etc. I mean would be great to have a full event box, but also is more expensive so i we need to simplify it i would remove expensive hardware (expensive in Chile).

Fernando San Martín Woerner
Galilea S.A.

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