Register and book accommodation for GUADEC 2006!

The GUADEC 2006 registration has started - . Make sure to check the
discounts you may get as a group or as a GNOME Foundation member. We
recommend you to book accommodation with us in the GNOME Village, you
won't get better prices out there, probably not as much fun either.</p>

And think this seriously: bring your partner, your friends, your
family... (well, maybe not all at the same time). Vilanova 2006 is going
to be interesting and fun also for them, with a top summer location in
the coast and near Barcelona city.</p>

By releasing the online registration feature we leave behind to become the official website. We
hope you like it!

REMINDER: today is the deadline to submit a presentation with a fair
possibility of being scheduled in the GUADEC Core days. More:

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