New foundation employee, and open position

Hi all,

To fill the gap while we get our act together and get a hiring process
in order, the board has decided to hire a temporary administrator for a
few weeks.

Rosanna Yuen joined the foundation staff on the 10th of March, and will
work for us until mid April, or until we have a new administrator. So
far she has done a great job of putting some order into the chaos that
has built up since Tim's departure last year.

Let me take advantage of this announcement to announce that we are also
opening the hiring process for a full-time, permanent foundation
administrator. We hope to move forward quickly with a hire, conditional
on getting the right candidate, and the position is available straight away.

Our job description is quite simple. Our administrator should:

   1. Collect, sort and summarise mail for the Board
   2. Handle bills in a timely manner
   3. Prepare checks for the Board to sign
   4. Track donations and fees
   5. Maintain a list of Board contacts
   6. Send out Friends of GNOME gifts to donors
   7. Keep the boards files in order, and sending expenses (when
appropriate) to the accountant
   8. Handle the purchase and preparation of materials for tradeshows
   9. Attend board meetings bi-weekly as appropriate, and prepare
status updates
  10. Have fund-raising experience
  11. Be computer literate. Preferably Linux literate

If the administrator is prepared to help with event organisation (in
particular the summit) and be a source of experience for GUADEC
organisation, this will be a plus.

For practical purposes (office space, the foundation being incorporated
in the US), the administrator position will be based in Boston, and all
candidates should be willing to be based there.

We are opening up the position for 2 weeks (until April 14th) to the
GNOME user and developer community, and will be making a public call for
candidatures only after that period, if we don't have a good candidate.

Candidates should send a résumé to board-list gnome org in plain text.

Thanks for your time!


Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org
Lyon, France

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