How to get involved and may be train for future board service

Dear Foundation Member

The board promised to become better at delegating work to our fine
foundation members and future foundation members. If your GNOME friend
is not yet a member tell him/her to join.

Here is a brief: "How To"
How to get involved and may be train for future board service:

The board has been communicating to you through the board meeting
minutes what is presently on going tasks and what has been done.

You just have to look on the action points in the minutes. When you se
something that you are interested in and would like to help doing, or
doing on your own please don't hesitate to send an e-mail to the person
responsible for that specific action point and offer your help and
assistance.- If the action point has been on for more times it is often
a cry for help because all board members are extremely busy.

You do not have to commit yourself to more than this one task where you
think you could do good.

Some of us on the board are nice persons:) -so don't hisitate to contact

Please also tell us about your ideas and plans and about major successes
stories from your project here or in the GNOME Journal.

Please also remember the call for papers for GUADEC 2006. We need your
paper or abstract before March 31st.

Best regards


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