GUADEC participation and registration fees

Just as a reminder, the GUADEC 2006 Call for Participation is open until
March 31st: 

Don't leave it for tomorrow trying to write the perfect paper. In order
to submit a proposal you just need to explain the raw details of the
session you are suggesting. You may edit the details of your session
afterward. What we need before the end of this month is a description
good enough to help us placing your session in the most appropriate slot
of the GUADEC schedule.

Also, we have just published the GUADEC 2006 registration fees:

If you are a student/hobbyist GNOME Foundation member you get a 100%
discount (free as in beer). If you register as professional you get a
50% discount (75€).

The model is sustainable when Foundation members are so passionate and
excited about GUADEC that the rest of the World just feel an
irresistible desire to meet the gnomites as well. 

So please, get loudly excited about GUADEC 2006. ;) (seriously)

The online registration will be ready hopefully soon and will integrate
affordable accommodation in the bungalow-based GNOME Village.

Thank you.

Quim Gil /// |

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