Draft agenda for foundation AGM during GUADEC


We will be holding a GNOME Foundation general meeting during GUADEC on
Tuesday June 27th, at 14h.

The agenda will be pretty basic - we will present what the board has
been working on and will work on for the rest of the year, get a report
on our finances from the treasurer, and have a Q&A session for the rest
of the time available.

The meeting is for foundation members - so please, if there are things
you feel we should concentrate on, reply here with suggestions for
additions, or for subjects which you consider important.

The AGM is our way to communicate directly to the membership what
everyone's been doing for the foundation and for the community. We won't
be limiting ourselves to board activities - sinceone of the core tasks
of the board is to be aware of what's going on around the foundation,
and co-ordinate people when there is common interest.



1. Chairman's report

Presentation of the board, and overview of the foundation's activities
since last GUADEC. I will be handing off the conch to other board
members for particular topics.

2. Treasurer's report

The state of the finances - how much money we have, what we've spent
money on, and what we plan to do with the rest.

3. Ongoing projects and their status

4. Questions & Answers

Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org
Lyon, France

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