Re: Women in GNOME (Was: Code Of Conduct)

On 6/1/06, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> wrote:
Anne wrote:
> I do not say this to start a new long debat in this tread. But it has
> become obvious that the 1% participation of women in FLOSS is
> embarrassing and we need to have a look at why this is the case and make
> some cultural changes.
> I know that the Computer Science Department at the University of
> Gothenburg in Sweden has a gender action plan:
> I think that many other universities and even GNOME and Ubuntu could get
> a lot of inspiration here. (Provided it gets translated from Swedish
> into a language you understand.)

Realistically, this plans needs to be written by you. Others will help you
with it, but you need to create it and drive it.

Such a plan should be written by someone who has actually been
involved in IRC, our mailing lists, bugzilla, etc., *as a developer*-
which, sorry, isn't Anne. It will not work if it is not driven by
someone with such experience.


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