Re: Code Of Conduct

<quote who="Yavor Doganov">

> If you read Planet GNOME and some of the mailing lists, you'll notice that
> many developers use the term "Open Source" and call the operating system
> "Linux", instead of GNU or GNU/Linux.  Some of them were even excited when
> a popular non-free software was relicensed recently, allowing easier
> installation by the users, but still remaining non-free.
> If the core developers and project participants do not value and stand
> firm behind the ideals of the GNU Project and the Free Software Movement,
> you cannot expect that these ideals will touch the hearts of other people,
> particularly the "minority" groups in question.

Oh man, come on, this is silly behaviour. GNOME developers are *passionate*
about Free Software, fiercely so. We're here to make sure that Free Software
gets into the hands of normal users, not just geeks. However, we *do not*
have our minds held hostage by dogma, and dogma doesn't drive freedom for
*anyone*. We're all consenting adults, we can make our own decisions about
what's good and what's not - but don't think for a minute that GNOME, as an
organisation and social group is not pursuing a fierce Free Software agenda.

- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 
   "(Hint: IRC clients don't usually do DVD and VCD playback)." - Bastien

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