Can there be an "Official Hardware Partner" for GNOME

Hi everybody!

Maybe you noticed my blog post on

Transtec ( is very eager to sponsor hardware for
the GNOME event box. I'm currently negotiating the terms. They'd like to
go even further by establishing a partnership with GNOME. 

That's why I'd like to know whether GNOME can have an "Official Hardware
Partner", something the company can advertise with.

What's in for us?

Well, I'd like to get the following things:
      * Significant discount on their hardware for GNOME, e.g. for the
        Event Box
      * A discount on their hardware for GNOME foundation members
      * Providing hardware for events, e.g. GUADEC, on loan-basis

I think we can benefit from a deal like that while still maintaining our
independence. Are there any concerns from the side of the foundation

Anyway, I try to bring them to the advisory board as well and the
hardware for the event box is already a deal. I now try to get Novell,
Red Hat, Sun etc. to provide some funds as well (The plan is to plaster
up the box with the logos of the sponsors).

I'll keep you posted!



PS: Do we have an official contact with Intel? Maybe they will provide
some funds as well ;-)

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