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En/na Claus Schwarm ha escrit:
> I'm sorry, Quim. I just unsubscribed from the lists because I thought
> the mail was clear. But now I'm puzzeled: Are these suggestions,
> questions, critic?

They are just suggestions to add to your clear mail.  :)

I keep the lists CCed because you additional comments are also
interesting, but we can follow without you (thanks!).

> Please note that interactive programming language cannot be organized in
> all countries: Germany, for example, is usually KDE land and I probably
> wouldn't visit a conference *just* for such programming 'tutorial'. This
> is also due to the number of different p. languages that could be
> presented.

I wasn't talking about a tutorial for programmers but about a session
for "decision makers" (from IT managers to technical workers in public
administrations and pure business people and politicians. Selling GUADEC
implies selling GNOME, and in the context of the track we should have at
IGC the target of this sell are these people more than hardcore

Also to contextualise, Catalonia is not KDE land but KDE is quite strong
here. While in Extremadura or Andalusia they just went for GNOME without
asking further questions, in Catalonia the KDE fans have work a lot in
terms of localisation and generating/adopting distros KDE-based, from
SuSE to Debian/Knoppix customizations. Part of the debate of
implementation goes around the desktop to be chosen, keeping the support
to both increasing costs/efforts and so on.

> Additionally, I wasn't talking about a tutorial but a mentored hacking
> session: "Fixing HIG violations in third-party C/GTK2 applications", for
> example.

Yes, yes. I didn't go through your list of activities for hackers. I
keep being worried about the politics/business people, where the GUADEC
has got a weakest link that should be fixed in Barcelona.

> The main point of my post was: One can organize conference topics
> according to the news values: Most interesting first, less interesting
> last. And the community should take care if all topics *have* news value.

Yes, but also being very clear about the different targets.

> Btw, I believe, one answer to your questions was already answered by
> Juan Conde, the director of the Guadalinex project: "We took [... GNOME
> for] the fact that our neighbour region, [...] Extremadura, had already
> chosen Gnome.
> This is the most rational reason I can think of.

Definitely. Practical speeches with a good speaker explaining real
implementation cases (like the one from the Dreamworks guy) would
interest business/politics people. But they generally interest the GNOME
community as well, because at the very end all the work GNOME does is
for the "real world".

Quim Gil |

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