Re: Selling GUADEC

Claus, thanks for this long telegram.

> One thing that could make a difference to government people is, for
> example

Worries and uncertainities from governments and IT people in
Barcelona/Catalonia/Spain that a GUADEC could help to clarify are for

- Massive migrations from Windows to free software (in the public
administrations, schools... thousends of users affectes). The desktop is
key. "Is it true that KDE is easier than GNOME for Windows users"? What
would be the recommendations of the GNOME experts?

- Distro choice. Another nightmare. GUADEC can give a GNOME perspective,
making sure that whatever you choose please be it GNOME based because
this is what most of your users will see and click on a daily basis.

- Who can talk to them about real success cases of large deployments
where GNOME was chosen because of this and that. Decision makers in
Spain are rather scared because the volunty of moving to free software
has been already formulated but there is a need to find precedents ans
above all success. They don't want to be so innovative, going ahead
before anybody else. They want to feel trust and trusted, this is why
real experiences are important.

- The economic perspective of all this. They are used to pay for
licenses and developments in languages most programmers know because
there is market for them and the university tell to students to learn
those languages. But hey, here comes the free software with other
economic paradigm, other languages and... what is GTK and why is it so
relevant to GNOME? Can those languages around GNOME solve my problems
and how?

- Also a better dialog between the pubic administrations and the free
software community could be pushed in the GUADEC. We could give them
some recommendations about useful steps they could do for the community.
They know the obvious: migrate to free software, promote it publicly...
But there are other aspects they possibly ignore. What are they?

> I noted there will be *very* interesting workshops the weekend
> before but I don't speak spanish or catalan, and I have no time to
> visit spain for a whole week or two weekends.

These local workshops are the kind of sub-event that could be organized
with or without GUADEC at a regional / national level anytime, anywhere,
with a low budget and the other aspects Luis & co explained in previous
messages (and GNOME Hispano & co are putting in practice every year).

Quim Gil |

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