Advisory Board Meeting Minutes, Aug. 2nd

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 12:48:33PM +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:
> On Mon, September 19, 2005 12:07, Daniel Veillard wrote:
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> >      - Done
> Are there public minutes the members can see or is it only for the board?
> (or did I not delete them? :-))

 Dohh, I saw them so I though they were sent publicly, but this wasn't the
case. I don't see why they should be blocked from being public at this point
do here they are.

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> Subject: Advisory Board Meeting Minutes, Aug. 2nd

Apologies for getting these out so late. No good reason for it; have
taken a mental note never to volunteer for minute taking again :)

GNOME Foundation Board:
Owen Taylor
Jonathan Blandford
David Neary
Luis Villa
Murray Cumming
Tim Ney (Executive Director)

Representing Nokia:Carlos Guerreiro
Representing Novell: Nat Friedman, Robert M. Love
Representing Sun: John Rice

Stormy Peters

Daniel Veillard
Federico Mena-Quintero
Christian Schaller

Murray Cumming on release process:
* basically frozen for 2.12
* pending improvements: nautilus, clipboard improvements, cairo- more
* Luis Villa mentioned that Novell/SuSE are helping with 2.11 QA for
  the first time, which is very welcome. This is along with
  'traditional' unstable branch assistance from Ubuntu and Fedora.
  Groups/companies who want to assist with QA of the unstable branch
  should contact Luis (luis villa gmail com) or the bug team
  (bugmaster gnome org)

Owen Taylor on Foundation Activities:
* Trademark: trademark licenses are being finalized
* Finalizing GUADEC 2006 plans: (27th May->31st May) Tim Ney and
  Christian Schaller have been working with the regional hosts in
  Barcelona. This will be the first time GUADEC is co-located (with a
  large Catalan software congress). Should hopefully have an agreement
  with local schools to use GNOME by the time we are there.

Nat asks: why are we not doing this for 9 days, like KDE? Tim mentions
Summit, and difficulties of ramping up gradually. Facilities have been
offered through the 4th, so we might be able to extend it some. Havoc
Pennington notes that the emphasis on the KDE conference was heavily
on actual code writing, which is different from GUADEC.

Nat pushes for mini hack-fest post GUADEC.
* 3 days of actual development
* one day of presentations of what was done.

David Neary discusses Formal GNOME store:
* getting there, all pieces in place except stuck on contract

Marketing (presented by Murray Cumming):
Lots of activity here lately. Marketing group would like more
involvement from the ad board members, which would be beneficial for
everyone. Some needs:

* need specific customer stories/details from the companies- would
  like folks to see and add to
* would like funding for boxes of shippable supplies to help present
  ourselves better at conferences: see
* would like feedback on current target markets for ad board members,
  so that marketing team can help tailor messages to those groups
* Luis Villa mentions the OSDW (, and suggests that something
  similar for ISVs be discussed at the next ad board meeting.
* Some posters have been done here:

* Discussion of Trademark policy for distros and software

* Boston summit, second weekend of October (8th-10th)
* performance mini-summit- is summit right place for it? will this
  help companies justify sending people? Luis takes an action to sketch
  this into the outline schedule.
* Robert Love (Novell), Sun would like to spend time on performance
* more information here:

Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat Desktop team
veillard redhat com  | libxml GNOME XML XSLT toolkit | Rpmfind RPM search engine

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