Re: Vote NO on referendum to reduce board members

On Mon, Oct 24, 2005 at 04:09:49PM -0300, Fernando San Martín Woerner wrote:
> > Also, why do you think a board should be bigger because the community
> > becomes bigger. The board should defer most things to other groups.
> i guess that the point is: how we can represent more ideas or opinions
> in the board?, at least for me, we don't have enough variety of opinions
> or backgrouds at the board. Of course that's my personal thought,
> actually people there have enough merits, and they get a higher voting.

By talking to one or more board members.

> > The board should be smaller. With 11 people everyone expects someone
> > else to do the job. With less, people will know that applying means
> > that:
> >  * They need to have time
> >  * They need to be active
> >  * They should ask another group to do/ prepare the work for them
> > 
> > > Also, I think this will make harder to have a Latin American
> > > representant in the board since we have a little amount of places to be
> > > filled.
> > 
> > Is this the reason you are  asking this? How would a Latin American help
> > more than someone else? I do not care where a board member comes from,
> > as long as he does good work, makes good decisions + listens to the
> > community when needed.
> not for latin american people only, i guess that third world too, local
> groups, and people not involved in the development but deployments or
> even normal users, for many reasons you might consider that they don't
> have enough chances to be involved in activities like this.

They can vote. If all vote for one board member, (s)he'll get the job.
But even then.. I do not see why a small group within GNOME needs a
representative in the board. I'd hope they'd either be heard by the
board or be able to convince enough of their members to all vote for the
same person.

Could you can explain how this community is currently being ignored or
what that person would be able to do as a board member what currently
isn't possible? Plus why that person didn't exist / applied last year.
I realize above sounds trollish, but that is how I see this need. If I
think of #gnome-nl I wouldn't know why I'd want somebody on the board
just to represent #gnome-nl (other than the possible bribes I'd accept
from him/her). I do want somebody great that just happens to be in
#gnome-nl as well.

> > And vote YES!
> I'm going to vote no, not because i want to rule another people but
> because i guess that eleven memebers give a bigger oportunity to
> monority. Luckly comunity have a very good way to decide what it want,
> so go ahead and vote!, is very important.

I wanted to be a foundation member just because of this vote. If this
year we again only have a few more people applying than available
positions I won't bother to vote; it wouldn't mean anything (same if we
have lots more that apply just to fill a position).


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