Community Service

To whom it may concern,

	So I've got a bit of an interesting predicament.  And I was wondering
if anyone knew who I could talk to about my situation.  Making a long
story short, two years ago I was in a car accident in which I lost
control of my car.  I ended up getting in an accident and I ended up
being convicted of two traffic misdemeanors (which is only because of
the sad state of the legal system is here in the states).  Anyway, it
all boils down to the fact that I have 180 hours of community service
that I have to perform.
	Here is where the gnome foundation fits in.  I'm just your typical
computer nerd who loves open source software and I've been doing minor
gnome development (submitting patches) for projects like gdm for the
last year or so.  Since the gnome foundation is a nonprofit
organization, and my community service has to be preformed at any
non-profit and non-religion based organization, I was wondering if I can
get gnome development passed off as community service.  I think this
should be completely legit, since the gnome foundation is nonprofit
status here in the states.  The only thing I think I need is some sort
of supervisor that is actually associated with the foundation to sign my
hours worked form (which we can do by fax).
	So basically, I was thinking that if I talk to a maintainer beforehand
about this, and when I submit work(patches), the maintainer would verify
how many hours I've put in, they can pass this on to a member of the
foundation such as a committee member or someone else that works for the
foundation.  That foundation member would be my supervisor and sign off
on my hours (by fax).  Does anyone know if this is possible or if the
foundation has ever done anything like this?  Any information would be
appreciated.  Is there a foundation member that knows anything about

With Hope,
Andrew Case
case andrew gmail com

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