Nokia donation to GNOME Foundation FAQ

Nokia will generously donate the proceeds from sale of 500 new device
under their Developer Device Program to GNOME Foundation.

At the GUADEC board and members meetings this week, we discussed a
number of projects that could use some funding. Thank you Nokia for
helping provide some resources for us to do this.


Q: What did Nokia & GNOME announce today?
A: Nokia announced that it has introduced a special developer device
program under which Nokia provides 500 devices to the developers at a
price of 99 euros. Nokia donates equivalent sum (ie 500 x 99 euros) to
GNOME foundation. Details of the developer device program can be found

Q: How much is Nokia donating from the special developer device program
sales of the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet to GNOME foundation? 
A: The developer device program 100% proceed goes to GNOME foundation.

Q: Why is Nokia doing this? 
A: Nokia intend to foster open source development in the handheld device
segment, and provide opportunities for developers and innovation houses
to bring innovative solutions to the handheld device category. It also
helps Nokia to improve products from the valuable feedback received from
open source developers.

Q: How much open source technologies from GNOME is the Nokia 770
Internet Tablet using? 
A: The device is using a lot of GNOME components like GConf, GTK+
(modified), Gnome-VFS, GStreamer, Pango

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