[Fwd: "The future of the Patent System" by the Danish Board of Technology - report about to be published]

The patent situation in Europe is very interesting to follow these days.

During GUADEC in Stuttgart on May 31st 2005 you will get the latest
update! http://2005.guadec.org/schedule/

Both the shift in the positions in some of the national parliaments in
Europe and the outcome of the treatment in the European Parliament is of
great importance to the society, the software development and the future
terms for innovation on the global software market.

The Danish Parliament is about to give a new mandate the the Danish

The question is if this neutral report from the The Danish Board of
Technology will be able to make a difference? 

You can find out for yourself:
The report will be published in 1-2 weeks time in English and in Danish
for you to study.(Read more about the report belove.)

I will mail you again when the report is out.

Kind regards

Anne Østergaard

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Subject: "The future of the Patent System" by the Danish Board of
Technolo gy - report about to be published
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005 13:25:55 +0200

"The future of the Patent System" by the Danish Board of Technology -
report about to be published


The Danish Board of Technology is about to complete the project on "The
Future of the Patent System", and expect to publish the report around
late May. Please send us an email if you are interested in receiving a
copy of the report. As we cannot promise to send hard copies to
everyone, we kindly ask you to provide an email as well as a postal

The objective of the project is to stimulate a broad debate in Europe
about the future of the patent system. Existing analyses and debates of
the workings of the patent system often takes place in a technical
language within secluded fields of expertise. The idea of this project
is to gather these different fields of expertise in an effort to make
accessible to lay people some of the discussions and knowledge regarding
the patent system. Read more about the project here:


Kind regards,
Janus Sandsgaard

Janus Sandsgaard

Projektmedarbejder / Project assistant

Teknologirådet / The Danish Board of Technology


Anne Østergaard <anne oestergaard nu>

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