Re: GNOME Desktop Usability Survey

On Sun, Mar 27, 2005 at 06:19:55PM +0100 or thereabouts, Alan Horkan wrote:
> > We sincerely apologize if you receive more than one copy of this
> > announcement.
> The foundation list seem like as good a place to ask as any so here's my
> question:  For future reference what one list would it be best to post
> these kinds of announcements on?  Is it this list?

Well, it depends whether they think they are researching the
opinions of foundation-list subscribers or of gnome-i18n 
subscribers. If they want "normal users", however, they 
shouldn't be recruiting off the lists. 

On a related note..

I am not sure that this is quite what we meant. But at Guadec
I remember a couple of us were discussing the possibility of a 
research gnome org sort of mailing list. The idea was twofold. 
We do get some researchers wanting to interview developers at
quite some length, particularly for the more qualitative stuff. 
And we have some people who are quite willing to answer questions, 
and others who really don't want any more emails. So the former 
group could subscribe and the latter group could avoid it. 

Also, it seemed that there was a lot of duplication going on.
So we thought of seeding it with a bunch of posts pointing to 
already-existing research which was relevant to Gnome. And the
hope was that people would lurk on the list reading it for a 
bit, and perhaps researchers might hook up with each other and
avoid the duplication that seems to be happening by sharing a
few results.

I haven't explained this very well. The only other person I
remember in the conversation was Jeff Waugh. Jeff, do you
remember this?


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