Re: using GNOME foot-logo for business card

I do agree that IMO it makes sense to license such a 'business card' GNOME foot logo to Foundation members only, as a modest requirement and some protection against the most egregious kinds of abuse.

- Bill

James Bowes wrote:

On Wed, 2005-16-03 at 10:33 -0500, Owen Taylor wrote:
Something we might want to consider is a "hacker card" - create
a standard template that any GNOME foundation member could use to
create a business card for themselves, with the gnome logo and their email address.

I did a few designs up over the weekend and posted them to the marketing
section of the wiki (also They're not perfect, but
could be a good starting point for someone who has some artistic talent.

I'd imagine the GNOME logo would have to be replaced by one with a (tm)
or something, after the usage issues are resolved, but I think that a
standard card template that foundation members could use as a
representative of the foundation is a good idea.

There are some generic cards there that don't mention the foundation,
but I would assume that anyone who wanted to represent GNOME would also
want to join and represent the foundation, so those designs could be
dropped or altered.


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