Re: using GNOME foot-logo for business card

On Tue, 2005-03-15 at 10:51 -0800, Eddy Mulyono wrote:
> Dear GNOME foundation,
> I am a big fan of GNOME and the idea of reverting computers to be slaves
> of men (and not the other way around).
> I noticed that you're in charge of the most of the marketing pages in
> I want to include the gnome foot logo in my business cards.
> Is this OK? Is there anything I should pay attention to?

The subject has never come up before. You certainly can't do it with
permission from the GNOME Foundation.

My opinion is that we shouldn't allow this for a *business* card
for a commercial business. For, comparison, the guidelines for the
foundation member email address forbid using it on 
"Mail sent for commercial purposes."


I think putting a GNOME logo on a business card might look too
much like an official endorsement by the GNOME project of your

Something we might want to consider is a "hacker card" - create
a standard template that any GNOME foundation member could use to
create a business card for themselves, with the gnome logo and their email address. 

(I've seen this from some of the Japanese projects, I think)

What do people think?

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