Please join the web-demo against software patents in Europe


  Would the Foundation join, and invite other GNOME sites to do so as
well, the Web-Demo against Software Patents?

  We are, again, at a crucial point. The European Parliament is to have
it's second reading on the software patents directive, and the current
scenario is extremely bad.

  We need to invite the Members of the European Parliament to follow
FFII's amendment vote list, the Rocard-Buzcek compromise amendment set.

  Any absent MEP (Member of European Parliament) counts as a vote
towards software patents in Europe, thanks to the rules of the second
reading, so we should invite MEPs to not only be present, but also make
the right votes.

  The Portuguese Free Software association[1] has also joined, and we
hope many more will register their demo at

Regards, Rui


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