Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Preliminary results

Following the concerns about these statistics...

En/na Federico Mena Quintero ha escrit:

> So, www and planet *are* our most efficient vehicles for communication.

Volume is not necessarely related to efficiency. Look at the most
visited pages in November:

The first real page is the homepage, this is normal. But then... where
do all these users go after hitting the homepage? Strictely in (the "corporate" site) they go to three pages we mostly
agree they are unnefficient: (missing screenshots or the visual
tour, mentioned in the marketing and gnome-web lists) (being discussed in marketing, we agree that
this page doesn't reflect what GNOME is about and needs a remake) (a gift of hundreds of users to

Which is weird is that the own stats page gets more hits than these.
This fact makes me think that the whole stats may be altered by
non-human processes.

The following most visited pages are jdub and seth's blogs.
Congratulations to them, but there is no merit for the wgo efficiency
here. Most of the other hits come from the projects pages: Dia,
Evolution, Gnumeric, Totem... Since there is no easy way to go from the
homepage to the projects' subsites (nor to people's blogs) it is
feasible to assume that they get their hits by their own merits. Also it
is feasible to assume that most people landing in the homepage don't go
much further (stats of user tracks page by page would be very useful).

Quim Gil -

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