Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Preliminary results

Le lundi 12 d�mbre 2005 �4:26 -0500, Dominic Lachowicz a �it :
> > I'm a bit sad that only 169 members (out of more than 350) voted,
> > though. If anyone has some ideas on why less than 50% of the members
> > voted or on how to change this, please share them. I'd really love to
> > see this figure at 80% in the future.
> If it wouldn't be too much work for the elections team (who did a
> great job! thanks!), I'd love to see a histogram of when people voted
> broken down by day. I don't need to know who voted when or who people
> voted for, just the general count of voters per day. If you have this
> sort of data, of course.

I don't think the data is available in the system (there's no timestamp
for the votes, IIRC). It might be interesting to have this kind of data
in the future though, so maybe the system could be changed to save the
timestamps. However, with the webserver logs, this could help find who
made a vote...


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