Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 Aug 17

     Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 Aug 17


  Initially scheduled on the 10th the meeting got postponed by a week


   Owen Taylor (chairing)
   Daniel Veillard
   Christian Schaller
   Dave Neary
   Jonathan Blandford
   Luis Villa
   Tim Ney
   Murray Cumming (45 minutes late)


   Federico Mena-Quintero

   Jody Goldberg
   Miguel de Icaza

Actions completed:

  ACTION: Tim and Dave to draft a room requirement for GUADEC and get Christian
     - Christian and Tim looked at the space last week, ongoing
     - Dave and Murray provided a starting point, and this is sumarized 
       on guadec planning
     -> Done

  ACTION: Luis to start a wiki page for the agenda at the Gnome Summit
     -> Done


   ACTION: Dave to start looking for vendors to host the GNOME online shop
     - Ongoing

   ACTION: Dave to proceed to details stage of merchandizing agreement
     - Ongoing

   ACTION: Daniel to send request for proposal for specific topic to be
           worked on at the next Summit
     - ongoing
       proposal should go on the Wiki like last year, Luis to build that page
       this was discussed during the meeting with the advisory board

  ACTION: Murray to take the task to find documentation authors and get it 
     - Federico did the first step, we are making a proposal to a candidate,
       should be resolved before next meeting.

  ACTION: Owen to make the final announcement of the Trademark proposals
     - ongoing

New Action:

  ACTION: Luis to post the Minutes of the meeting with the advisory board

  ACTION: Dave to try to get a german lawyer feedback on the contract for 
          the GNOME online shop within a week.

  ACTION: Tim to speak to our lawyers about trademark and local groups in Europe


 * GNOME store decision on contract
   Problem is on the governing law for the contract
   4 people would like to sign it at this point
   3 people would prefer to get a german lawyer feedback first

 * International holders of trademark - should we allow
   gnome.fr to hold the trademark in France, for example?
   Mixed feeling, seems it is better kept by the GNOME Foundation itself,
   but Tim will investigate how to best proceed.

 * Status of 3rd quarter financial information
   current state of our bank account
   we are missing a good accounting software for non-profit which is 
   not running under Windows, we may have to use Wine !

 * OpenCD - is there anything meaningful here? What concrete
   actions should we take?
   This should really be discussed with them on the marketing-list

 * next meeting Wed 31


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