Re: Barcelona report

On Sat, 2005-07-30 at 15:50 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
On Fri, 2005-07-29 at 12:23 -0700, Leslie Proctor wrote:
> > I was part of the fundraising team for GUADEC when User Day and the
> > government/business speakers were added.  They were added in response to
> > the fact that we were getting firm "no"s from potential sponsors.  Those
> > same companies came on board later on that year, as a result of us adding
> > the enhanced User Day.  These companies have come back as speakers in
> > large part because of the bigger focus of GUADEC.  

That's correct - there has been a broader base of financial support from
government and companies by including discussions on deployments and
issues such as patents and open standards.  Increased corporate
contributions and government subsidies have allowed GUADEC to grow
while offering subsidies and social events, but the event has also had a
strategic impact upon its locales.  

> Indeed, it is concerning to me that GUADEC requires independent sponsorship.

No different than other technical conferences - sponsorship and
registration fees.  James Henstridge articulated that clearly last year

> I have offered my time and experience to the Foundation Board to help with
> this. I have requested the budget for GUADEC 2005 to help with the creation
> of a simpler, sustainable model for future GUADECs.

GUADEC has been sustainable for six years and survived economic up and
down cycles.  GUADEC planning is a good place for discussing next year's
conference model.  

> (It's also concerning that decisions are being made about the next GUADEC
> without this information...!)

The board is reviewing GUADEC 2005 financials at our meeting this month.
Certainly, no commitments will be made without such.  So far, the
discussion has been outlining and receiving feedback on the number of
days/sessions and type of schedule to work with IGC in Barcelona.


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