Re: [guadec-list] Re: Barcelona report

On Sun, 2005-07-31 at 18:58 +0200, David Neary wrote:
> Hi,
> Murray Cumming wrote:
> > Time for a wiki page then? 
> I'd be happier if someone would summaries this thread, including the bit 
> on foundation-list (why did that drop off the CC?), and perhaps we could 
> start with a provisional plan of what GUADEC will be like.

OK, though you seem to have a clearer idea of that than me. I'm just
trying to move this along so that Quim has something to work with.

> We could then make the wiki page and have an IRC meeting (yarrr, maybe?).
> > Is there any reason to think we need anything other than the same number
> > (and types) or rooms that we had in Stuttgart
> At least one reason... there were a number of things that didn't work 
> well in Stuttgart that need to be fixed. We once again had too many 
> parallel sessions, too much stuff on the schedule, too many 
> unanticipated sessions that had to be added in the weeks before the 
> conference.
> Glynn proposed a good "light" conference (although there are some things 
> I disagree with it's a good start).
>   - 1 main hall for keynotes and talks
>   - Perhaps 1 other hall for talks
>   - 1 hang-out room, with tables, chairs, power-points, eventually some 
> computers
>   - 1 room with beamer, flip-charts, tables, chairs, power points & 
> network for hackfests
>   - Several smaller rooms for "work" sessions, BOFs (basically, the kind 
> of stuff we did Tuesday afternoon this year).
> The kinds of things we need to focus on are how freeform the 3 big rooms 
> are, how many smaller rooms we need (perhaps 5?)
> > Wasn't that
> > - 1 keynote room for at least 500 people.
> > - 3 smaller rooms for at least 150 people.
> > - 1 meeting room for 1 day before the talks, for the Board meeting.
> > - 1 meeting room for 1 day after the talks, for the advisory board
> > meeting.
> > - 1 hacking room for the duration.
> > - An area for eating at lunchtime, and food to eat.
> > - A small office for the volunteers/organisers.
> > - Ideally, wireless (internet) networking throughout. At the least,
> > networking in the hacking room.
> >   (Fluendo's streaming requires a certain bandwidth.)
> On Tuesday afternoon, we were occupying 10 or 11 rooms in Haus der 
> Wirtschaft - 3 large conference rooms, 3 or 4 smaller conference rooms; 
> 1 open-space room for a hackfest, 1 open-space room that was used for 
> BOFs and company stands, the main hall, and the office. Oh, and Nokia's 
> room.
> To reiterate my main point - I don't think we should use the final 
> result from last year as the reference point. I feel we should talk 
> about what people expect from GUADEC, and work towards that.

Yes, but we've had time for that now, and I don't think Quim can wait
much longer for something definite.


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