Re: Board Minutes 29 September 2004

On Sat, 2004-10-02 at 00:05 +0200, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>   thanks for the Minutes !
> >         Was noted that both changes under discussion (reducing board
> >         size and moving elections closer to GUADEC) would require
>   I'm very dubious about reducing board size. Maybe there is really
> nothing left to be done at the board level, but it seems to me the problem
> is more about getting things done and to have regular board meeting and
> feedback from them. And I would think reducing the board size won't 
> help with this, just the opposite.

Well, there are two basic thrusts to the idea reducing board size:

 - With 11 members, it can be easy to  think that someone else is going
   to do the work. Reducing the board size would hopefully decrease
   that. It's certainly not the only attack to take. Doing things like
   having a fixed chair responsible for writing up the agenda for the
   next meeting would probably also help :-)

 - Making the elections more exciting and meaningful.

> For example rather than knowing 3 weeks ahead of time that there was
> a GNOME Summit organized, knowing that one was scheduled but without
> precise date and location ahead of time would have been simpler.

We certainly didn't do a good job with this. But I don't see it being
tied to board size one way or the other. 7 or 9 people should be plenty
to do a little bit of advance promotion of an event. And there's no
reason that arranging the summit should even be something necessarily
done by board members.


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