Re: Questions for the candidate


Danilo Šegan wrote:
> Now, reading your clarification, I wonder on the issue that I thought
> original question was all about:  what do you feel about promoting
> Gnome as "Gnome Desktop" vs. promoting Gnome as "GNU/Linux Desktop"?
> (i.e. if "Gnome Desktop" would also be Gnome on Solaris, FreeBSD,
> GNU,..., and we'd promote it as "Use Gnome", not "Use GNU/Linux") 

As I said before, the easiest way to have more GNOME exposure is
to have more GNU/Linux desktops. But I think it would be a
mistake to limit ourselves to GNU/Linux as opposed to the BSD
platforms or any of the commercial unices. So we do need to be
careful not to fall into the trap of being identified exclusively
with GNU/Linux.

That said, I think Sun will take care of that with JDS to a large


David Neary,
E-Mail: dneary free fr
Tél: 04 72 33 95 35

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