Re: Questions for the candidate

On Sat, November 13, 2004 22:12, David Neary said:
>> 8. What one problem could you hope to solve this year?
> I would like to have the marketing team heavily involved in the
> creation of a more visual GNOME brand this year. I've been very
> jealous of and I think that we can take a
> number of lessons from the Mozilla crowd (even though we're
> a different type of project).

I've been thinking the same thing for a few months now and I'm
wondering if there is some communications between the GNOME
Foundation and the Mozilla Foundation: it seems to me there is
a lot of work that could be shared between the two. And it might
be good to use their experience to open a GNOME store, e.g.

>> 9. What would you do to increase community participation in the GNOME
>> community and GNOME elections?
> I'm not sure about this one. I guess participation in elections
> has gone up this year from last year. Involvement in the
> community has traditionally been driven by project drivers or
> maintainers, and membership of the GNOME Foundation is managed by
> a separate committee.

There are more candidates this year (19) than last year (13). However,
there were 23 candidates in 2002, 25 candidates in 2001 and 33
candidates in 2000.

2000 elections: 330 members out of 372 voted (88.7%)
2001 elections: 251 members out of 420 voted (59.8%)
2002 elections: 211 members out of 274 voted (77.0%)
2003 elections: 191 members out of 337 voted (56.7%)
Anonymous voting referendum: 198 members out of 364 voted (54.4%)

Looking at these figures, I wonder if people want to be members to have
some membership rights and use them, or because they think "being a
GNOME Foundation member == being part of the GNOME community". Maybe the
role of the GNOME Foundation should be made clearer. I don't know.


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