Re: Candidacy: Dom Lachowicz

<quote who="Dom Lachowicz">

> What can be done to fix this? Above all else, we need to identify places
> where we fall short and develop migration paths. We need to identify
> best-of-breed technologies and deem them standards. We need to encourage
> maintainers to adopt these standards, prodding the maintainers where
> necessary. We need to develop core technology application guidelines so
> that 3rd party vendors and our own developers know what technologies we'd
> like them to use.

These are awesome goals, Dom. So much so that I would prefer to *not* vote
for you, such that you can work on achieving these goals instead of spending
your time doing Board stuff, which is unrelated to development.

My point, which I'm being a little cheeky about, is that the Board's duties
do not extend to technical decisions or issues directly related to software
development. So, while I totally agree with your goals, the Board is not the
right place to go about achieving them. :-)

- Jeff

-- 2005: Canberra, Australia
   "We are not lovers. We are not romantics. We are here to serve you." -
                        Gary Numan, Down In The Park

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