Candidacy: Germán Poó-Caamaño

Name: Germán Poó-Caamaño
E-mail address: gpoo ubiobio cl
Affiliation: None (I'm working in a university, not software 

Who I am?

I don't belong to the GNOME's famous hall, but I've 
working on GNOME since 2000 coordinating de spanish
translation team and programming small tools, such
as gnome-nettool.  Also, I'm good advocating GNOME
in countries like Chile (where I'm from).

My plans:

I'm convinced that a desktop gets success while it
has applications and developers than like to code
these applications.

Also, I think that Free Software is the great 
opportunity to provide high technology to third world
countries, and GNOME should be the way to help them
at the time is get more deployed.  However, without
strong GNOME's local communities, it could get more
difficult in the long term.

So, I would like to contribute helping and building
strong local communities and helping to get new hackers
from these countries.

I don't think that it could be reached in one year, but I
would like to contribute to put it in the mid-term plan.

Germán Poó Caamaño
mailto:gpoo ubiobio cl

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