Candidacy: Jonathan Blandford

Name:                  Jonathan Blandford
Email Address:         jrb gnome org
Corporate Affiliation: Red Hat, Inc.

I am announcing my candidacy for reelection to the GNOME Board.

I am a long-time member of the GNOME community, and an employee of Red
Hat, Inc.  I have been active on the Board for the past three years.  I
also have previously been on the release team, and am currently on the
sysadmin team.

I am primarily interested in continuing to work with Tim and Jody to
ensure that our finances remain in good shape.  We've had a better year
financially, this past year, and I expect that we'll be able to continue
this trend.  We have made great strides in our ability as a foundation
to hold and fund conferences, and we should be able to do even more this
year.  I'd also like to make our budgeting more transparent and public.


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