Candidacy Announcement- Anne Østergaard

From: Anne Østergaard <anne oestergaard nu>
To: foundation-announce gnome org
Subject: Candidacy Announcement, Anne Østergaard
Date: 02 Nov 2004 16:23:07 +0100

Candidacy Announcement

Name: Anne Østergaard
Mail: anne AT oestergaard DOT nu
Affl: None


I was a volunteer at the 2nd GUADEC in Copenhagen in 2001. - Where I was
"sold" to GNOME and the GNOME community because of the passionate,
motivated, warm and dedicated atmosphere among the developers.

Since that time I have followed the foot prints and contributed to the
conferences and the community.- I was in Seville learning and in Dublin
and Kristiansand to try to make a difference by starting a dialog
between decision makers, developers and users.

I invited the EU Commission and civil servants from state
administrations in EU, who uses Free Software as pioneers, to get
acquainted with GNOME. They liked it and came again to Kristiansand and
hopefully they will come to Stuttgart next year.

I encouraged Kristiansand to host this years GUADEC to get a big foot
print planted in Norway and Scandinavia. It started a discussion in
important media on GNOME and Free Software in Norway.

Who Am I?

I am from Denmark and have a law degree from The University of
Copenhagen. - In 1998 I heard about Free Software and became a member of
one of the largest LUG's in the world: where I was a member of
the board for a couple of years. At the moment I am the vice chairman of
the board of IT-Political Association (an EFF like association in DK).

I like to use my international expertise and experience to work for
spreading the news of the advantages of using the GNOME desktop because
it is a cutting edge developer platform that more governments should
consider getting acquainted with.

I have been working for the Danish state administration for a decade and
I know the decision making processes of several member countries in the
EU. I speak Danish, Swedish, English, French and German.

With my work I hope to help achieve a healthy and growing GNOME

In my spare time I attend all kinds of educational conferences on IT and
other inspiring subjects. I would be proud to represent GNOME at a
number of EU conferences.

For the last 3 years I have been a member of the GUADEC- Planning
Committee- mainly making the program for "user day " to try to raise key
subjects as "free and open standards" and no software patents in Europe.

Things I would work for as future board member:

* Explaining the values and goals of The GNOME Foundation more clearly
to the general public who visits the web site to be informed in order to
attract new and active members

* Work for the GNOME web site to be a natural place to find clear
information about the goals and direction of both the positions, the
goals and the new initiatives

* To represent Europe and European angles and view points on the board

* More "teach in" parties / demonstrations in connection with
conferences to make it easier for newcomers both females and males, to
get involved

Best regards

Anne Østergaard

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