Candidacy: Owen Taylor

Since I'm running for reelection, I'll start off with what I 
said last year:

How did I do on encouraging the specific directions I listed there? 
Frankly, only so-so. To go through them point by point:
 1. More interaction with the broader technical community: Not 
 really any action on that one.

 2. A development environment roadmap: progress here was prevented
 by factors largely outside the board's control.

 3. An active and open system administration team: Not fully open, 
 but definitely better than it was a year ago. We've brought some 
 new people in and they are contributing.

 4. Tackling problems beyond the narrow confines of the desktop:
 Seems to be going well, especially for multimedia and hardware
Some non-successes, some successes, but I wouldn't claim much
credit for myself on the sucesses.

That doesn't mean GNOME isn't going well. I think GNOME is going great
at the moment ... we've churned out releases, we've had multiple
succesful conferences, there's a huge amount of traffic on the lists,
the deployment numbers keep on growing. But it's going great
with a largely inactive board.

So, considering that, why should you relect me to another term on the
board? Because I do believe that the board has a role to play. That
there  are things that the board could be doing, that GNOME could
be doing, that we aren't doing currently. And I am going
to put effort into making sure we do those things.

I think my points from last year are all still valid goals
for GNOME. We still need more visibility in the broader technical
world, we still need a clear direction for a development
platform, and we need to grow the range of GNOME even more.

This year, I want to give instead some specific action
items; if you reelect me, and in one year, I haven't 
accomplished these items, you should not reelect me 
 - I will make sure we have a generally agreed upon short one
   paragraph description of what the GNOME project is about.

 - I will work with the responsible parties to make sure we will 
   have a definite plan for version control systems;
   the unified source repository of GNOME is one of its
   greatest assets, and we need to maintain that if we
   transition away from CVS.

 - I will clearly turn over leadership of the sysadmin team 
   to someone with time to do the job properly before the
   end of this year.

 - I will make sure that the release and marketing teams are
   sufficiently coordinated that there is a press release
   for each bi-yearly GNOME release coordinated in advance.

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