Official Compliant - Ali Akcaagac

On Fri, 2004-07-16 at 00:20 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote: 
> <quote who="Ali Akcaagac">
> > I would like to take the chance to fill a compliant about abusive
> > behaviour within GNOME and would like that these practices are being
> > stopped quickly.
> Your complaint has been noted by the board, and will be discussed at our
> next meeting.

Thankyou, Jeff. Maybe you could also consider this counter-complaint and
discuss putting Ali on moderation for the lists he is
subscribed to.

I do not wish to restrict constructive contributions from anyone, but it
is fairly clear he may need some assistance deciding on whether his
posts are appropriate to the lists he posts to. I'm disappointed that I
have had to stoop to making an official complaint about another
contributor, and I'm sorry to have to ask the foundation to consider
this sad request, but I don't think Ali quite has a grasp of acceptable
community behaviour.

If I was alone in my opinion that Ali produces more noise than signal, I
would simply add Ali to my procmail filter and get on with things, but
it seems that Ali has upset enough members of our community over the
last few years (I remember when he first came on IRC!) that something a
little bit more may be required. It is clear from the responses on this
list (and can be seen from a simple Google search for his name), he has
a natural ability to wind people up (apparently both here and in the KDE
camp), is unwilling to let sleeping dogs lie, and will keep arguing
(often badly, and in the wrong places) until the cows come home or
everybody stops responding to his posts and ends up ignoring him. I
don't know of anyone that causes such unrest within our community.
Mark's moment of 'bad behaviour' pales into insignificance in

I don't *really* agree with censorship. I'm just suggesting moderation
as one way that Ali can 'contribute' constructively (patches,
useful/concise/on-topic/non-inciteful comments etc) without (whether
meaining to or not) upsetting others in the GNOME community.

Also, my apologies for initially asking to have this thread taken off
the foundation-list. I was just expressing my opinion as a subscriber.
Personally, I joined this list to follow the foundation's (positive)
progress. I've yet to see Ali post anything positive on this list.



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