Re: moderation on desktop-devel-list

On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 19:50 +0200, Carsten Weinberg wrote:
> I read some of these ugly slanderings. As far as I know, Ali lives in 
> Germany, and therefore I feel bound in honour to excuse my people and 
> nation for Ali's childish behaviour.

Let us know once you get serious again. There is no need to excuse
yourself or others. I do have my opinion and bring it up here. It's not
an evil thing to talk about problems that I see over the years within
GNOME, it's nothing I have to feel ashamed about, and nothing that you
need to excuse for. And by the way how much do you know about all this ?
Maybe you like to get yourself informed first, that would help me and
others more than taking party for one side you most likely can't expect
anything from. By the way, care to point me where I slandered people ?

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