Re: Concerns about the bounties

On Thu, 2004-08-05 at 06:10, Mikael Hallendal wrote:
> Hi,
> This is a formal complaint about the bounties. I think that it's a bad
> idea for this kind of things to be channeled through the foundation. 
> Today Srinivasa Ragavan (not on the board as far as I know) sent out a
> mail apparently from the foundation (if this was actually a message from
> the foundation it should be sent from someone on the board imho).
> Shortly after a commit was made to change Epiphany to Firefox on the
> bounties pages:
> August/msg01044.html
> As far as I know Firefox isn't part of the desktop (and neither is a lot
> of other parts of the bounties). To me this is making technical
> descisions which the board shouldn't be involved in. This more looks
> like a Novell todo list and the foundation is being used to channel
> through. 

It certainly looks like a Novell todo list to me:

Both of the documentation bounties are for more Evolution documentation.
While they're both good ideas, they certainly aren't at the top of my
priority list.

If Novell wants to offer up money to write documentation, that's their
decision.  But it should be clear that they're Novell bounties, and not
set by the GNOME Documentation Project.  The GDP is being seriously
misrepresented here.


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