Re: bounties, bounties, bounties - oh so chocolatey and coconutty


On Thu, 5 Aug 2004, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
>   - The bounty was announced without any consultation with me (as the
>     maintainer) whatsoever. There was an assumption that this was a
>     feature which belonged in the panel and that it should be
>     implemented a certain way. I'm still not entirely sure I agree that
>     it does belong there but either way, it felt like I didn't have a
>     whole lot of choice in the matter.

I see similar things with a bounty that I worked on. The maintainer is,
however, *not* willing to spend any time on it, which means that patches
don't get reviewed, applied and the bounty never got awarded.

If GNOME officially supports this (through the foundation), please first
consult maintainers. The fact that I wasted a full 36 hours in a row on
this (which was fun on itself, don't get me wrong) with a friend and that,
in the end, we didn't even get a single comment from the maintainers of
the affected module is very frustrating.


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