Re: BSD license vs. Evolution assigment

Today at 16:59, Mikael Hallendal wrote:

> Further more when working on a GPL project you can be assured that a
> fork of it will always be GPL (same with BSD). I for one don't really
> mind if Novell releases a proprietary version of Evolution as long as
> there is a GPL version available.

Mikael, that's fine: it's your opinion on what you mind being done
with your work.  I'm not asking you to convince me that your opinion
is The Right One, the same as my opinion is *not* The Right One.
They're what they are: personal opinions.

I am talking only in the context of what I do with my work when it
concerns Evolution.  I'm not going to sign copyright form unless it
includes a stance that my contribution *cannot* be relicensed or used
in proprietary product.  I suspect there're more potential Evolution
contributors which feel the same way, and I think that's what we're
discussing here: are we ready to lose those contributors in such
essential piece of software such as desktop's email/calendar client?

BSD license is *different* (how different is not the issue here;
everyone weights every factor by his own measure) from assigning
copyright to a single entity. Anyway, there's no point in proving that
there might be higher or lower risks with any choice made, since it's
the contributor making choices.  I have stated my choices as
(potential) contributor.

So, bear in mind that we're talking about people's conscious choices
and wishes here.


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