Re: RealMedia used for GUADEC live transmissions?

On Sun, 2003-06-22 at 15:49, Glynn Foster wrote:
> >  On  I can read:
> >     Live 150kps Real Video Stream from Burke Theatre
> >                     ^^^^^^^^^^
> > I'm sorry, but I feel it is extremely awkward that a project aimed at
> > making people use a Free Software desktop promotes using non-free
> > software.
> > I can understand the motivation and how it may have been well intended,
> > but this should not continue.
> I'll put you down for helping at next years conference then. There are
> also issues with drivers for video cameras, etc etc.

If the camera can send standard tv signal, then you can capture the film
with a supported tv card. I have one, so I can surely help at least in
encoding in that way, and there's no need for any special driver.

Had this situation been announced earlier, solutions could have been
devised in time. As I said, I understand it was well intended but it is

> Look forward to you solving the issue, and attending GUADEC next year.

Sure. Just send me a copy of the tape if I can't attend or bring it with


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