Announcing the GNOME 2.2.2 Desktop and Developer platform

The GNOME 2.2.2 Desktop and Developer Platform

The GNOME Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of
the GNOME 2.2.1 Desktop and Developer Platform!

The 2.2.x series is devoted to bugfixes, translations, and general
polish of our major 2.2 stable release. We strongly recommend upgrading
to 2.2.1 in particular, as it contains an amazing amount of improvements
since the last release. 

You'll find plenty of information about GNOME 2.2 in our extensive
release notes, linked from the 2.2 start page. You can also check out
our gallery of cool screenshots from dedicated GNOME users and testers!

Changes since the last version:


- Removed unneeded XSun/XFree86 checks in configure
- Show the action name for which a key pressed is the duplicate
- Don't run acme-properties when no keys are bound, don't quit either
- Launch acme when starting up the preferences
- Use the GNOME configuration for the mailer, help handler and web   
- allow the volume and brightness keys to autorepeat


- Correct creation of object which is not a AtkGObjectAccessible in
  atk_gobject_accessible_from_object.[Padraig O'Briain and Alex Larsson]
- Do not emit notification for initial setting of role using
  atk_object_set_role(). (bug #107710) [Padraig]


* Fixes for
(GOK doesn't unlatch modifiers when in corepointer mode)
(at-spi modifier relatch broken when using GOK)
(AccessibleTextChangedEvent_getChangeString semms to return const
(at-spi key event string and keysyms sometimes wrong if modifiers are
(at-spi registry key handler dumps core for large keysym values)
( doesn't find Xi, Xtst in all locations)
(at-spi needs object:hypertext-link-selection events)
(at-spi internal dependencies should include libspi)
(cspi library dependencies are broken.)
(AccessibleComponent interface should be implemented for desktop
(compile error in deviceeventcontroller.c)
(1.1.2 fails to build outside of build directory)
(misprint in docs for AccessibleTable_getNSelectedColumns())        

- added support for mouse buttons 4 and 5.
- compiler warning fixes.


- missing #endif fix (Michael)
- fixes (Jason Leach)


- Workaround a crash in current gnome-vfs using all-applications:///
  instead of applications-all-users:///
- backport of fix for #108408, Now number of files to download show
  correctly the total.
- Fix a crash (bugzilla #114712) in products view. Thanks to Ximian
  guys for this patch.
- Fix a crash (bugzilla #104357). Thanks to Jens Askengren for the patch


- Set the enabled key for new services and unset it on delete
- Support --disable-schemas-install
- Set "system/proxy/use_http_proxy" GConf key when Manual or
  Auto is selected.
- Fix a whole lot of leaks


- New function eel_filename_get_rename_region
- Accessibility updates
- New eel-canvas that fixes zoom tearing
- New functions for slave glade prefs widgets
- Draw EelEditableLable frame even when text is empty


- Check if the factory is already registered before registering a new   
- fix a whole lot of compiler warnings


- Handle tar archives with a ':' in the path.
- Display the uncompressed size of gzipped files.


- Ensure that notification is received when context menu is popped down.
- Fix crash when gail is used without GNOME WM. (bug #111532)
- Have GailOptionMenu report menu and label as its children.
- Report "showing" state correctly for cells in a TreeView with vertical
  scrollbar. (bug #104623) 
- Implement AtkText interface for GailItem, page tab of Notebook,
- Report GtkCombopopup window as child of GailCombo.
- Add GailObject which is used for accessibility support in eel and
- Correct image size for image in buttons on Gnome CD Player
- Fix crash when getting second child of GailOptionMenu. (bug #106715)
- Set role for GailPlug to ATK_ROLE_PANEL. (bug #108332) [Padraig]


- Fixes weird bug where a directory appears to not exist when
  you create subdirectories of it.
- don't rely on caller passing in a valid GError** in assertions.
- set the schema name even when the key is set.


- translations


- Raise DisplaysPerHost default to 2 to avoid a FAQ-type-problem
- Add xdmcp/PingInterval key to the default config file
- Fixed up the included spec file
- Fixed some typo's (Kjartan Maraas)
- Fixed Solaris build (Niall Power)


- Show correct number of copies when printing. (Paolo)
- Bug #108703 (Shift+F8 does not close taglist if focus
  is on taglist window)
- Fixes to the spellcheck plugin


- featuring many translated help files, courtesy of sun, and a few
bugfixes mending the most critical things in bugzilla and making the
zoom-to-fit feature coexist hapily with scrollbars.
- On the coding front the prefs dialog has been higgified, page wrapping
done only on space and backspace as it should be, not on arrow keys,
handling of commandline arguments has been fixed, a nasty bug that
occasionaly caused ggv to go into a never-ending loop when doing
auto-fitting of the page is now gone, ggv now warns when overwriting an
empty file, a few typos have been fixed and the locale bug with GS is
(again) gone - GGV should no longer render blank pages when you set a
locale different from C.
- Irene was kind enough to supply us with a new set of documentation
- The autoconf stuff has also been updated to use the GConf2 AM macros
instead of my own home-brewed m4 stuff.


- Fix busy wait when main loop was recursed out of an IO watch or
  similar [Owen Taylor, Christian Krause]
- Fix main loops run from from other threads [Owen, Jean-Yves Lefort]
- Many bug fixes in Unicode manipulation routines [Noah Levitt]
- Win32 bug fixes [Tor Lillqvist, Cedric Gustin, Daniel Kaufmann]
- Fix portability problems with G_MIN/MAX_INT64 [Manish Singh]
- Miscellaneous bug fixes [Matthias Clasen, Martin Kretzschmar,
  Sven Neumann, Havoc Pennington, Balasz Scheidler, Ray Strode,
  Hidetoshi Tajima, Owen, Morten Welinder, Dan Winship]
- Code cleanups and performance tweaks [Morten, Matthias, Christian
  Noah Levitt, Owen]
- Threading fixes for [Sebastian Wilhelmi]
- Fix make uninstall in po/ [James Henstridge]
- Miscellaneous build fixes [Zach Frey, Raja Harinath, Evan Martin,
  Andras Salamon, Jeffrey Stedfast, Hidetoshi Tajima, Owen, Morten]
- Documentation improvements [Matthias, Christian Biere, Christophe
  Sven, Phillip Vandry]
- New and updated translations


* Add Sun's translated Docs (Mike Lei)
Battery Monitor
* don't crash if acpi directories don't exist - bug #111089 (Manuel

* Give error is device is busy - bug #105296 (Balamurali Viswanathan)

Command Line
* Update docs (Irene Ryan)

Disk Mounter
* convert error message to utf8 - bug #95480
* Fix saving of custom icons - bug #90922

Keyboard Switcher
* Fix crash mith multiple applets - bug # #112076 (Muktha Narayan)
* New Mongolian Keymap (Sanlig Badral)
* Fix multiple applets issue - bug #111933
* Fix keygrab issues - bugs #108378, #104043(Shivram U)

System Monitor
* Fix sizing issue - bug #94745 (berberic fmi uni-passau de)
Volume Control
* Sync mute with other apps on Solaris - bug #105724 (Bala)
Weather Monitor
* Fix saving of update interval - bug #105057
* Add Kaunas - bug #106451 (Egle Girinaite)
* Put Dulles in the right location - bug #88190 (David Kennedy)
Wireless Monitor
* Translate Catagory so it gets placed in the right directory - bug
#112455 (Hidetoshi Tajima)


- Don't unescape special characteres (e.g. %20) (Bala)


- Added a notes emblem


        * Localised help files for gnome-cd and gnome-sound-recorder.
        * cddb-slave fixes
          * Fixes for multiple displays
          * Only start the factory if it hasn't been started already
          * Fix some leaks
          * Fix typo in genre name
        * grecord changes
          * Fix a bunch of leaks
          * Fix a problem that resulted in not being able to save files
        * gnome-cd changes
          * Documentation updates
          * Fixes wrt accessibility
        * localisation
          * Albanian    : Laurent Dhima
          * Arabic      : Arafat Mendini
          * Azerbaijani : Metin Amiroff
          * Belarussian : Belarussian team
          * Brazilian P.: Evandro Fernandes Giovanni
          * Catalan     : Jordi Mallach
          * Chinese tr. : Abel Cheung
          * Czech       : Miroslav Trmac
          * Danish      : Ole Laursen
          * Dutch       : Vincent van Adrighem
          * Farsi       : Roozbeh Pournader
          * Finnish     : Jarkko Ranta
          * French      : Christophe Merlet
          * German      : Christian Neumair
          * Greek       : Kostas Papadimas
          * Hindi       : Ravishankar Shrivastava
          * Indonesian  : Mohammad DAMT
          * Japanese    : Takeshi AIHANA
          * Korean      : Changwoo Ryu
          * Latvian     : Artis Drops
          * Malay       : Guntupalli Karunakar
          * Mongolian   : Sanlig Badral
          * Polish      : Zbigniew Chyla
          * Portugese   : Duarte Loreto
          * Serbian     : Danilo Segan
          * Slovak      : Stanislav Visnovsky
          * Spanish     : Pablo Gonzalo del Campo
          * Swedish     : Christian Rose
          * Turkish     : Arman Aksoy
          * Welsh       : Welsh team


- added application/x-ipod-firmware that recognises the iPod Firmware
- more magic for ASF reference files (->asx)
- added magic for Philips MPEG-4 files
- detect ASF videos by content
- detect realaudio playlist files properly


- Fix some a leak in gnome-run (Kjartan)
- Enable SVG themes (Mark) Fixes bug #114706
- Don't call our_gtk_menu_position() twice. (Padraig)
- Draw button-widget focus line with state GTK_STATE_NORMAL.
  Fixes Bug #109887 (Rajkumar)
- Special case tiling a 1x1 pixmap to increase speed greatly.
- Fix possible crash from stale references to GdkWindows (Owen, Mark)
- Allow drawer button to be themed (Mark)
- Fix crashing when moving applets between panels (Arvind)
- Fix jitteriness with image in the run dialog (nix go-nix ca)
- Fix crashing after removing show desktop buttom (Mark, Arvind)
- Fix multiple mailcheck processes with imap (Muktha)
- Destroy about dialogs when removing applets (Bala, Leena)
- Fix crash when deleting the menu panel (Arvind)
- Fix a possible crash in background code (Mark)
- Make Ctrl-F10 popup the context menu even with out-of-proc
  applets (Padraig)
- Fix keynav behaviour of drawers (Padraig)
- Focus the run dialog entry after appending a file (Padraig)
- Center the "Create Launcher" dialog on the screen (Raj)
- Focus the run dialog entry when no applications are selected (Arvind)
- Convert screenshot filename to UTF-8 before displaing it (Toshi)
- Fix bug with loading applet schemas (Yatin Chawathe)
- Stop applets from connecting to the session manager (Havoc, Mark)
- Remove extraneous calls to gnome_program_init (Mark)
- Fix usage of static variables in the mailcheck applet (Jens Zechlin)
- Removed info on defaults as they vary amongst distros (Irene)
- Add docs translations (Mike Lei)
- Remove the .so suffixes from shlibs in .server files (Mark)
- Replace leading spaces with tabs in sgmldocs.make (Art Haas)


- Fix gnome-session hanging when multiple apps request
  interaction (Arvind)


- Fix bug #70701. Crashes on uid mismatch.




- LargePrint/pixmaps/stock_close.png: Resaved
  this using gimp since opening it caused valgrind
- Backport the high contrast engine from HEAD.
  Fixes bugs #106859, #112586, #111985.


- Fixed crasher bug in gfloppy (Glynn)
- Fixed build issue for Cygwin in gfloppy (Masahiro)
- Fixed potential crasher (Glynn)


- Support ncpfs filesystem (Radu Greab)
- Properly initializes gettext (Hidetoshi Tajima)
- Various compilation fixes on non-linux platforms
  (Pasupathi Duraisamy, Christophe Fergeau)
- Various fixes for crashes/leaks (Christophe Fergeau)
- Remove spew in destroy_notify (Dave Camp)
- Throttle FAM change even rate to avoid applications
  using 100% cpu when a file is written
- Don't silently fail whole operation when symlink copy
- Fix for crash when canceling in bug-buddy
- Fix bug in sample program (Murray Cumming)
- Fix gnome_vfs_get_volume_free_space to work on NFS mounts
- Fix start directory on some ftp servers (Christophe Fergeau)
- Look for user-installed modules in ~/.gnome2/vfs/modules
  instead of ~/.gnome/vfs/modules





- macro statement issues with g++ (Martin Kretzschmar)
- IDL pre-processing for portability (Bill Haneman)
- gettext domain issue (Hidetoshi Tajima)
- build fixage (Thomas Vander Stichele)
- very much improved documentation (Gustavo Carneiro)


- invisible event box replacement (Dave Camp)
- async / gtk+ state sync loop (Radek Doulik)
- UI image related segv (Michael, Ettore)
- build fixes (Alex Duggan)
- very major docs improvements (Gustavo Carneiro)


- Check that user shells exist and are executable in gnome-util.c
  Fixes bug #91925. (Giovanni Pardini)
- Use glib versions of string functions in help converters.
  Fixes bug #81355. (Morten Welinder)
- Fix leak in score handling. Fixes bug #116794 (Kjartan)
- Fix reading of free'd memory in poptContext handling in
  gnome-program. (Jeff)
- Fix reading free'd memory in gnome-program (Jeff Steadfast)
- Init gettext earlier to catch some bugs (Hidetoshi Tajima)
  Bug #99224
- Fix search path for locale.alias. (Julio Merino) Bug #106180.
- Fix url substitution with custom web browser command
  (Pasupathi Duraisamy) Bug #108909
- Plug a leak in the help routines. (Kjartan)
- Fix manual pages that have non-numeric filetypes such as
  open.3pm. Patch from Roderich Schupp. Bug #101440.
- Fix crashes when feeding directories to the help converters.
  Patch from John Fleck. Bug #104056.
- Generate help-methods.conf based on libexecdir value.
  Patch from Frédéric Crozat. Bug #91169.
- Honor --disable-schemas-install. (Julio Merino)
- Require newer intltool (Kjartan)


        * Fix crashes in the AA canvas. (Andreas Holzmann)
        * Make affine transformations work for pixbuf items
          (Jim Evins)
        * Fix rotation of outline widths for rect, ellipse and
          polygon items. (Jim Evins)
        * Fix redrawing bugs (Tim Janik)
        * Fix localedir setup and random fixes to make it
          distcheck (Kjartan)
        * Completely revamped documentation (Josh Green)
        * Some fixes from Sebasian Rittau.


        * Fix a memory leak in the pixbuf utils.
        Patch by Takuro Ashie <ashie homa ne jp>. Fixes bug #114928
        * Fix a bunch of typos (Kjartan)
        * Fix problems with sound event handling (Leena)
        * Fix toolbars to be consistent (Rodney Dawes)
        * Fix gnome-segv to not loop when it crashes itself
        (Malcolm Tredinnick, Damon Chaplin)
        * Make fonts in icon labels respect font size changes
        (Pasupathi Duraisamy)
        * Skip hidden pages in the druid (Ricardo Fernández Pascual)
        * Fix referencing problem with MDI (Jaka Mocnic)
        * Fix leaks in session management and score handling
        (Kjartan Maraas, Arjan Van de Ven)
        * Bugfix for gnome-icon-theme (Gustavo Giraldez)
        * Don't crash when double clicking the OK button in
        the fileselector (Narayana Pattipati)
        * API documentation fixes (Sebastian Rittau)
        * Don't return FALSE in pointer functions (Morten Welinder)
        * Fix compiler warnings and uninitialised vars (Malcolm
        * Ask gdk-pixbuf for supported mime types in gnome-icon-lookup.c
        (Anders Carlsson, Christian Schaller)
        * Fix leak in the font picker (Kjartan Maraas)
        * Fix top-left text for icons in nautilus (Alex Larsson)
        * Fix the file entry to use utf8 when setting the selected
        file name (Hidetoshi Tajima)
        * Fix a crash in the icon entry (Balamurali Viswanathan)
        * Don't open an infinite amount of preview widgets in the
        icon entry.
        * Enable color palette in the color picker (Gustavo Carneiro)
        * Clear entry items properly in gnome-entry.c (Marco Pesenti
        * Fix problems with python-based apps and non-initialized
        memory. (Marcus at freebsd org)




- Fix a compilation issue on Solaris. (Philip Zhao) 
  Fixes bug #107959
- Fixes to the examples (Chema)


* Fix crasher bug caused by mouse movement when page is being obtained,
* Fix crasher in yelp caused by change for bug #110710, bug #111012.
* Fix crasher when yelp page is changed with text selected, bug #110710.
* Add support for <nobr> tag, bug #110265.
* Fix crasher when reading Korean web page, bug #107910.
* Fix crasher bug when mouse is moved while getting new html page. This
fixes bug #112302.


	* Fix a security issue.


        * Support new versions of flex (Jody Goldberg)
        * add '_' prefix escaped keyword support (Nick Lewycky)
        * cygwin build support (Masahiro Sakai)
        * build fixes (Mark McLoughlin, Thomas Vander Stichele)
        * autoconf upgrade (Havoc Pennington)
        * BSD portability fix (Jacob Berkman)


- Gimp Import/Load plugin
- Bugfixes



libxml2: (News since 2.5.4)


   - Fixes and new APIs to handle Result Value Trees and avoid leaks
   - Fixes for: EXSLT math pow() function (Charles Bozeman), global
    parameter and global variables mismatch, a segfault on pattern
    compilation errors, namespace copy in xsl:copy-of, python generator
    problem, OpenVMS trio update, premature call to xsltFreeStackElem
    current node when templates applies to attributes
   - performance improvements especially for large flat documents
   - bug fixes: Result Value Tree handling, XML IDs, keys(), extra
	namespace declarations with xsl:elements.
   - portability: python and trio fixes (Albert Chin), python on Solaris
    (Ben Phillips)
   - fixed node() in patterns semantic.
   - fixed a memory access problem in format-number()
   - fixed stack overflow in recursive global variable or params
   - cleaned up Result Value Tree handling, and fixed a couple of old 	 
bugs in the process


- nasty blocking accept call (Michael)


- some fixes to opaque resize that make it slightly less
- fix some infinite loops caused by stupid apps with transient for
- force window min/max size to be at least 1 pixel
- unfocus window on leaving window border, not on leaving
   window itself, in strict mouse focus mode
- fix handling of workspace names so they don't get
   all lost/broken/etc.
- fix handling of ignored modifiers (makes key shortcuts
   work while CapsLock/ScrollLock/NumLock are all enabled,
   most people didn't notice as nobody turns on ScrollLock)
- fix multihead crash #106086
- many translation updates


* Column resizing works in the list view
* Portability fixes
* Nautilus scripts execute in the right directory
* Bring up context menu on Ctrl-F10 rather than Shift-F9
* Hardware view builds
* Other small bug fixes
* Lots of fixes to the icon view keyboard and mouse handling 
* Automatic notes emblem (requires gnome-icon-theme 1.0.2)
* Correctly scale icons in list view
* No more tearing when zooming the icon view
* Don't select the extension for rename in the list view
* Easier to trigger auto scrolling during drag and drop in the icon
* Much better thumbnail queue handling. Visible thumbnails are
* Scroll to previous position on directory reload
* Show volume and free space in the property dialog for directories
* Clean up by name doesn't leave icons outside the screen anymore
* Fix show backup/hidden files and some default view preferences
* Set the Nautilus application name used when grouping in the task
* Converted NautilusFile to a GObject
* Make the thumbnail size prefs not affect external thumbnailers, as
  it makes little sense for e.g. videos.
* Allow you to exit nautilus-file-management-properties
* Fix crash when droping from other app to Nautilus
* Use startup notification when launching Nautilus
* Don't save window geometry when maximized
* Added code to migrate Nautilus 1.0.x scripts
* Better accessibility support in the icon view


* Fix i18n problems so localisations actually work (Kjartan)
* Compile against gstreamer 0.6 or 0.7 (Thomas)


- install the imodule config (Mark McLouglin)
- friendlier warning on orb ref problem (Michael)


* Cache fontsets for the Xft and FT2 backends, a large speedup for short
  strings [Owen Taylor, Soeren Sandmann]
* Make built in rendering functions, especially the FT2 one,
   work more like the GDK implementation [Sven Neumann]
* Add an indic-ft2 module [Kapil Chowskey],
  Add a thai-ft2 module [Theppitak Karoonboonyanan]
* Optimize pango_x_render() by drawing multiple character with
  a single request when possible [Morten Welinder]
* Change the handling of attributes that cover only partial glyphs
  [Owen, Taneem Ahmed, Sunil Mohan Adapa]
* Fix problems with Arial Unicode and the Opentype code [Owen, Noah
* Fix common crash for fonts missing a GDEF table
* Fix common portability problem with informative output at end
  of configure.
* Build cleanups and fixes [Tim Mooney, Chris Ross, Akira Tagoh,
  Will Partain, James Su]
* Miscellaneous bug fixes and cleanups [Simon Budig, Rick Jones,
  Noah, Padraig O'Briain, Benjamin Otte, Andrey Panov, Federic Zhang]
* Documentation fixes [Tim, Sven]


  * Many updated and new translations. 
   * Security fix relating to temporary files.
   * i18n fallback
   * Support for  sections
   * A couple i18n fixes
   * Fixes to RPM .spec file
   * Quieter output in non-verbose mode.
   * A number of other bug fixes.


- pty helper cleanups
- support for CP437
- fixed support for iso-2022-cn text
- use KS X 1001 instead of KS C 5601 for Korean display
- adjust selection so that triple-click hopefully works better
- fix meta-sends-escape for the return key


* Fix leaks (Mikael, Narayana Pattipati, Kjartan)
  Fixes bug #110572
* Don't show about window more than once (Steve Chaplin)
  Fixes bug #113906
* Fix issues with hangs in the TOC (Mikael, Narayana Pattipati)

- The GNOME Release Team


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