Re: Questions

Danilo Segan wrote:
> I don't know the real story behind all this, I know only what I
> see and hear today, and while I don't mind you or your project
> being considered part of Gnome, I do mind if you state your lack
> of respect as something normal and usual.

Well there are also technical limitations how this can work. I trying my
best to satisfy all sorts of people with my work. It is not always easy
to do so for me because as even Jeff or James know that there are a
large variation of systems outside. People with different mixture of
installation, different Distributions and really curious things.

Offering a perfect solution is impossible and this is mostly the reason
why people suggest others to wait for Distributions to offer them what
they like to use. But not even Distributions offer all packages of a
system. Let's look to Red Hat Desktop for a moment. While I do respect
their work they on the otherhand offer a mixture of all sorts of Tools
which also exclude work of others. Do we blame them ? No.

When Red Hat changes all icons made by Jimmac to point to their own ones
then we can assume that Jimmac may feel bad as well. You see it's not
always easy and we need to find a good balance between everything. We
can say the same about Red Hat and KDE, how bad they felt.

Building from sources is mostly geeks work people who are well aware of
the risk in doing so. Whether they could mess their entire system up or
if they are successfully how they shape their system.

CVSGnome is a choice. A choice between a) all distros, b) garnome, c)
jhbuild, d) v-b-s, e) yagnobs and f) GIG

Sorry if I missed one. But anyways I want to thank you for your feedback
and participation to this conversation.

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