Re: Questions

Le Samedi 27 décembre 2003, a 10:32, Ali Akcaagac a ecrit :
> Now the day arrived where the people got asked for the Membership
> Application. Some mail from the Foundation was sent with a shedule
> layout where only some keywords were printed. E.g. Date to election
> here. Memebership here. and so on.

[This is not an answer to Ali, but something important for every member
of the foundation]

Please, please, please: if you have any comment or idea to make the
elections process better, clearer, etc., tell us what you would have
wanted to see. The membership & elections committee is really open to
suggestions. We'd like to see suggestions. And it's even better to
complain before the elections and not after, because many people might
be in the same situation and might need some explanations before the

You can send comments about the elections on foundation-list or to
elections gnome org  Or you can send me a private mail.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas presses.

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