Re: GNOME Speaker In Kalamazoo


Thank you for your enthusiastic report.

On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, Adam Williams wrote:

> On August 19th we hosted a presentation by Ximian's Christopher James 
> Lahey.  This meeting was a great sucess, Mr. Lahey did a marvelous and
> very professional job; leaving a very positive impression of both 
> GNOME and Ximian.  It was also our largest attendance in the five 
> years that we have been up and running. 

I'm happy we were able to coordinate getting Chris to speak to KLUG and
that you were able to assemble such a large audience for him. As you
know, Chris is a long time GNOME developer and it is great that he 
volunteered to join the foundation's rostrum of speakers. GNOME
presentations to user groups, such as your own, are very useful and fun.
We look forward to organizing more of them.

Best regards,


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