GNOME Speaker In Kalamazoo


I'm the Program Director for the Kalamazoo Linux User's Group
(  On August 19th we hosted a
presentation by Ximian's Christopher James Lahey.  This meeting was a
great sucess, Mr. Lahey did a marvelous and very professional job;
leaving a very positive impression of both GNOME and Ximian.  It was
also our largest attendance in the five years that we have been up and
running.  Several Novell (eight, I believe) representitives drove over
from Detroit to see this presentaton as well, and were equally

In the word's of our recording secretary (from the metting minutes): 
"W O W ! ! !  Tonight was a big night for KLUG attendees!  This was
the largest audience in the history of the group.  WHY?  KLUG paid
to fly Chris Lahey in from Boston, where he works as a core code
developer with Ximian / GNOME.  GNOME stands for GNU Network Object 
Model Environment and is the most popular Linux desktop.  Ximian 
produces XD2 (Ximian Desktop 2), Evolution (e-mail client), Red 
Carpet (program update services) and is developing Mono (an open 
source, Linux-based version of the M$ .NET development platform).  
Check out Ximian / GNOME products at

Chris used his IBM Thinkpad running Red Hat v7.3 with
on Ximian Desktop 2 (commercial version of GNOME v2.2) and the KLUG
XGA display projector to share with us the past, present, and future
of Ximian / GNOME.  There was plenty of information to delight those
in attendance and Chris answered many questions during and after the
presentation.  His speaking style was perfect for this audience and
he was, as is said, talking our language and preaching to the choir!
He was among instant friends and his Open Source peers.  We had FUN
and the humor was evidence that he felt comfortable in our midst."

Thank you for all your time and effort.  We very much look forward to
hosting more GNOME related presetations in the future.

KLUG Program Director

Adam Tauno Williams

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