Re: GUADEC 5 - Host Wanted!

Problem with the smaller airports is that people coming in from abroad
often needs to transit through those bigger airports anyway as the
smaller airports often have limited international flights. That extra
transit tend to add a lot to the ticket and travel time.


On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 16:55, Alan Cox wrote:
> > Because we have so many international attendees, the ideal host city
> > ought to have a fairly major airport, to avoid rising transport costs
> > and time to travel. The host team should investigate travel costs with a
> > selection of countries, both from Europe and further afield to be able
> > to provide a rough estimation for the conference attendees.
> Why the "major" airport - the smaller airports in many countries are
> a *lot* cheaper ? I grant there is "too small" as well 8)
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