Re: Mailing list cleanup proposal

<quote who="Havoc Pennington">

> > I probably didn't explain the 'configuration oddness' thing very well.
> > We have gnome-hackers, gnome-hackers-posters, gnome-hackers-readonly,
> > gnome-private, gnome-private-members, gnome-private-posters.
> Ah, I thought gnome-private and gnome-hackers had exactly the same
> members.

# bin/list_members gnome-private-members | wc -l

# bin/list_members gnome-hackers-readonly | wc -l

  (gnome-hackers goes to both of the above, gnome-private goes to
  gnome-private-members only. So, you can be on hackers only or private and
  hackers, which I'd say is a bit backwards for the corporatish people who'd
  only want to be on gnome-private for whatever reason.)

> Surely all -posters lists can be folded into post-only?

The reason why they're separate is so that some people not on these
'private' lists can post to them, without letting everyone on post-only
being allowed to. I wonder if it would be simpler and still appropriate to
say, "if you're not listening to them, you'll be moderated with everyone
else" and just nuke these lists.

# bin/list_members gnome-private-posters | wc -l

# bin/list_members gnome-hackers-posters | wc -l

I would hope that we can simplify this to gnome-private, gnome-hackers and
gnome-hackers-readonly (so people don't have to read the archives to keep up
with it).

- Jeff

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