Re: Issues cooperation

    The decision to use DocBook was made at the impetus of the GNOME 
    Documentation project.  Since I was not involved then I do not know if 
    you encouraged the documentation project to use texinfo.

I didn't say anything, because I wasn't even told that the question
was being considered.

      That was the 
    time to make such arguments for or against its use.

When I later did find out that GNOME was using Docbook instead of
Texinfo, my goal was to reconcile the conflict in the easiest possible
way.  I inquired about converting Docbook automatically to Texinfo,
and people said this ought to be possible.  So I decided any
documentation source format was ok, as long as it could be converted
automatically to Texinfo.  This gives the GNU system the uniformity
that is useful for users, while giving developers flexibility.

That issue is over and done with; its relevance now is that it is an
example of where we should do better.  In the future, I hope we will
discuss these issues before rather than after creating a conflict of

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