Re: 11 Questions to answer

sön 2002-11-24 klockan 23.37 skrev Jeff Waugh:
> > Do you have plans for this? Are you prepared, as part of your work on the
> > GNOME board, to act as a bridge between the XFree86 and GNOME developers
> > in this way and also make sure the necessary infrastructure for
> > inter-project communication and development is in place, such as a
> > in this specific example?
> (Jim did some of the legwork to make this happen, but it's totally up to the
> X hackers if they want it or not. I had offered to set it up, but they did
> not seem to want it. So, yeah, it's been on the agenda in the past, Jim has
> attempted to help out, and my offer to the X hackers still stands.)

Ok, now that you say so I think I remember some of the discussions, but
I had forgotten it already, probably because the outcome was unclear.

I guess this is a good reason for wanting Jim back on the board -- to
use all diplomacy needed for getting this kind of things to actually


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