Re: 11 Questions to answer

On Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 04:56:28PM +0000, Mike Newman was heard to remark:
> I'm not sure this is correct. The rules in use until September of this
> year were those agreed by the board during 2001. These rules did not
> permit membership to 'casual users' at all. When it came to renewal for
> those accounts which had never been subject to these rules, many many
> more of the membership disappeared because they had not kept their
> contact details up to date than were rejected by the membership
> committee.
> I believe that the people who 'fell by the wayside' between the
> beginning of the foundation and the renewal exercise this year - a
> significant number of people - represent a group of people who had moved
> on, lost interest or for other reasons stopped contributing to GNOME.

Not true;  I still get gnome foundation email, and read it too ... 
but I beleive I am one of the ones whose formal membership was cut.


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